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Along with bidding for things you don't need and doing Google searches on a new co-worker another popular thing to do on the web is to interact with via community sites. "Community" is a generic word for internet components which allow you to give and receive feedback to a group of people via the web. It differs from one to one communications (like e-mail or instant messaging) because your talking with the whole community at once and not just with one person. 


Think of it as a huge electronic bulletin board were you can post information for others to read. The benefit being that you communicate instantly with everyone who logs into the site. For example, if you logged into the Plant It Earth discussion board and posted a question regarding different types of soil, your question would be seen by anyone who goes to that page.


In PACO you can find some of this sites listed in Online Community Sites, but not all community sites have there own web address. They are part of a larger site which makes it easier to use the software needed. Some sites like Yahoo!Groups and Topica categorize sites by location while others like MSN and Community Zero don't.


Another type of community sites are Blogs  (short for web logs). Blogs are online journals kept by individuals. They're used to share an opinion or to talk about a favorite subject. There are quite a few of these in cyberspace and they are easily set up if you'd like to share a part yourself to the world. Although, many originate from San Francisco, blogs are not sorted by location. To explore blogs some good places to start are Blogger and Salon.


If you know of a community site or blog you would like to suggest send an e-mail to the guide's contact.



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