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Promote your local web site



Promoting your local web site can be difficult if your unfamiliar how to prepare your site for search engines. Sometimes, even if you can get a good rating on Google or Yahoo!, your target group might not find you because they don't know the correct search criteria to use.


PACO helps your audience find you because it narrows down the search and offers various ways to search. You can also let your audience get to know you by participating in the STUFF pages. It's a section were you can make promote your sites content.


The internet also has sites that can help you tune up your sites for search engines and offer suggestions on how to promote your site. Many of these sites are fee based, but below are some free resources. They're a good way to learn without having to add another expense to your books:


SitePoint (great resource; basic web knowledge needed)

Webmonkey (not as extensive as SitePoint, but some solid articles)

Web Style Book (the Strunk & White of web design)


If you know of a online resource on promoting that you'd like to share send it along in an e-mail to the Guide's contact. Also, if you'd like to become the contact for this guide, or create a guide on your own -- you'll be able to write a brief intro to your site -- send an e-mail to .



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