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The Nickel Tour


Hi, thanks for dropping by. First off, PACO is short for Francisco; and in my opinion, 4 letters are better than 12, so thatís why itís PACO Pages and not San Francisco Pages.


Next, PACO is a personal project of mine and not a start-up or corporate entity. I mention this because youíll notice that things here are more informal than at a non-community centric site.


Thatís a good thing. It gives me time to focus on making a comprehensive guide to San Francisco without having to deal with lawyers, accountants, et al. If you want more details about how PACO is put together send me an email; otherwise on with the tour.


So what is PACO? Well, itís a dynamic reference guide to San Francisco web sites. This means you can look up sites in different ways. You can look them up by name or site type in the DIRECTORY, by location in the CYBERMAP or by interest in STUFF. Such easy access to thousands of SF web sites can come in handy if you live in or plan to visit San Francisco. You can use it to look for coupons before going shopping; find a support group; or simply to find a convenient tennis court.


In short, PACO puts San Francisco's web resources in an easy-to-use directory. 


If youíre browsing, a good place to start is with STUFF. PACO doesnít have stories, reviews, or chat rooms, but it puts together stuff like this, from local web sites, into various guides. Browsing through the guides will give you an idea of the broad range of useful info that is out there.


Well thatís it for the nickel tour. If you have any questions, or comments, send me an e-mail at


Thanks for dropping by,

Jorge Alex Quintanilla


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